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“Exhibition.Japan-Product.com” distributes the latest trade show videos of Japanese companies providing access to feeds of the newest company promotions, demonstrations, exhibits, and service details. These feeds enhance public relations (PR) and encourage global business partnership opportunities. In addition, the service can cover feed distribution for non-Japanese companies, headquartered other countries, covering promotions and demos of “made in Japan” products, but for companies not specifically Japanese.

“Exhibition.Japan-Product.com” is also offered for Japanese tourism videos and feeds for videos created by prefectures or towns in Japan to attract tourism and revitalization, such as local culture, history, historic sites, people, events, festivals, attractions, and sightseeing spots; moreover, the distribution feed provides a discovery of rural areas of Japan that provide unique foreign business opportunities. For YouTube videos, a captioning function will enable you to watch the video with translated English subtitles which reaches out to English speaking audiences. (in some rare cases this YouTube captioning might not be available for a video).

“Exhibition.Japan-Product.com” is voluntarily run by a passionate Team Japan Products committed to supporting economic development in Japan, and for partner countries. We, Team Japan Products, operate 3 core websites: “Exhibition.Japan-Product.com” a video feed distribution website with new up-to-date info on economic development news in Japan; “Japan-Product.com” a business directory of Japanese companies seeking BtoB, BtoC and BtoG; and “U-Partner.Japan-Product.com” a business matching website service connecting our clients and future international business partners. Through our services, we engage in introducing excellence of “made in Japan” labeled products and services to the world. We strive to connect small and medium size Japanese companies, that proudly create high quality “made in Japan” products, but are out of sight and need visibility to grow and prosper in the global marketplace. We are dedicated to a continuous effort to help our customers succeed and achieve success in new international business markets.

Team Japan Products

Our websites are maintained by volunteers that wish to support economic development for Japan and partner countries. For more information or questions regarding the services we provide, please use our Online Form below.

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