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Versatile belt type light sorter – Satake Corp. at FOOMA JAPAN 2017

Satake Corporation Exhibited the “PIKASEN α PLUS” and “BELTUZA XeNO” at FOOMA JAPAN 2017 In the group for optical sorters, Satake demonstrated chute type “PIKASEN α PLUS” and belt type “BELTUZA XeNO”, both equipped with NIR cameras and shape sorting for same color impurities and deformed impurities sort. In the group for grain conditioning and […]

Food factory worker uniform – Kunitachi Co., Ltd. at FOOMA JAPAN 2017

Kunitachi Co., Ltd. exhibited the Mat Moist Uniform and the Full Face Cool Inner at FOOMA JAPAN 2017. Mat Moist Uniform The biggest feature is that a yellow bias tape is attached to the end of the waist inner and it has “awareness specification” which makes it easy to find the inner bulge. It is […]

AEROSORTA CSM – Daio Engineering Co., Ltd. at N-EXPO 2017

Daio Engineering Co., Ltd. exhibited a metal sensor & color / shape sensor mounted sorting machine “AEROSORTA CSM” at 2017 NEW Environment Exhibition. Aerosorter with color / shape sensor which can also select copper wire with coating We introduced a sorter which made it possible to identify wood pieces and copper and other materials like […]

Pan Type Granulator – Taiyo Machinery Co., Ltd. at N-EXPO 2017

Taiyo Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited “Pan type granulator” equipped with automatic cleaning mechanism at N-EXPO 2017. Attached matter inside the pan is scraped off by the automatic cleaning mechanism, stable granulation, cleaning and maintenance are easy, various granulation is also possible.

PIKASEN α PLUS – Satake Corp. at N-EXPO 2017

Satake Corp. exhibited chute type optical sorter “PIKASEN α PLUS” at N-EXPO 2017. Satake demonstrated the multipurpose chute type optical sorter – the “PIKASEN α PLUS”. Furthermore, Satake displaied a panel exhibition proposing a plastic recycling system combining optical sorter with a surface treatment machine for household electric appliances and car bumpers.

Humanoid Appearance Inspection System – DECSYS CORPORATION at the 30th Interphex Japan

DECSYS CORPORATION exhibited a humanoid appearance inspection system “Exterior Kenta-kun” at the 30th Interphex Japan. A humanoid appearance inspection system compatible with a wide variety of small lot products. Although small lot production products and products that collapse easily, which were difficult to automate, have been dependent on human visual inspection, it is possible to […]

Cell Carrying Carry Box – Takigen MFG Co., Ltd. at the 30th Interphex Japan

Takigen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. exhibited the Cell Carrying Carry Box “Walking Transport Vibration Reduction Device FD – 80 – SR” at 30th Interfex Japan. It is possible to reduce various vibrations occurring when carrying cells in culture, keep the same temperature as body temperature for a certain period of time, do not use electrical control […]

Food factory uniform – Sunpex Ist Corp at FOOMA JAPAN 2017

Sunpex Ist Corporation exhibited long-sleeved jumper “easy-to-move clothes (easy to move)” at FOOMA JAPAN 2017. “Easy-to-move clothes” is a long-sleeved jumper for food factories pursuing compatibility between mobility and comfort, developed jointly with Shinshu University. We succeeded in reducing the motion burden by 37% compared with the conventional product by repeatedly devising such as eliminating […]

Advanced Sorting Machine – Fuji Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at N-EXPO 2017

Fuji Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd. exhibited the Advanced Sorting Machine at the N-EXPO 2017. Material sorting, recovery of valuables and removal of foreign substances can be available. We can offer the appropriate systems in accordance with the situation of customers.

Kitagawa USA exhibited at DesignCon 2017 in Santa Clara, CA

Kitagawa USA was showcasing our filtering, absorber, shielding, grounding, thermal, plastic and vibration dampening solutions including our new dual functioning EMPV4 (EMI absorber & thermal pad) and NSSR (Narrow band EMI Absorber). For more details, please visit our website:

[MOBAC SHOW 2017] Kajiwara Inc. – Caramelized Coating Machine “KRS+CC Type”

Kajiwara Inc. exhibited caramel nuts, rashes, caramel popcorn and other coating machines at MOBAC SHOW 2017. “KRS+CC Type” machine is a unique system developed for caramel almonds, and make coating almond by melted caramel cleanly. This machine can freely set stirring speed from low speed to high speed according to the product. The stirring part […]

[MOBAC SHOW 2017] Fukushima Industries Corp. – Separately Stored High Humidity Storage “UQD-120WM7”

It keeps high humidity by the wall regenerator method and suppresses oxidation and drying with fan inside. Stable retention of internal temperature without defrosting. There are four high humidity chambers, each of which is controlled independently by each microcomputer. This makes it possible to utilize it simultaneously for two purposes at the same time, such […]

[MOBAC SHOW 2017] CREO Co., Ltd. – Carbonic Acid Hypochlorite Generation System

“Carbonic Acid Hypochlorite Generation System” is a functional water production system that adjusts the pH of sodium hypochlorite to optimum weakly acidic by using carbonated water. The combination of safety and stability is the biggest feature. The generated carbonic acid hypochlorite has high bactericidal activity even at low concentration even for a short time. Since […]


YMG 1 Co., Ltd. exhibited LAPPS at TOKYO AUTO SALON 2017. Introducing a new way to enjoy luxury cars, car lapping service with color change change film. For more details, visit to

[SURTECH 2017] Wastewater treatment equipment trouble improvement solution – Nakagawa Chemistry Equipment Co., Ltd.

Nakagawa Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited a wastewater treatment equipment trouble improvement solution at SURTECH 2017. Introduction of solutions that proposes and constructs troubles that are increasing in recent years, such as rising costs and stopping production lines due to the fact that the wastewater treatment facility does not fit the factory. For more details, visite to Internet!

[Inbound Business EXPO Japan 2017] Analysis of foreign tourists “Inbound GPS data analysis” – Navitime Japan Co., Ltd.

Nabitime Japan Co., Ltd. exhibited at Inbound Business Comprehensive Exhibition 2017, a foreign tourist analysis "Inbound GPS data analysis". Introduced big data analysis to visualize the behavioral characteristics of travelers by using foreign travel data of the foreigners acquired by "NAVITIME for Japan Travel" for transfer / sightseeing application for smartphones. For more details, visite to Internet!

[Inbound Business EXPO Japan 2017] Luggage deposit place reservation application “Tebura” – Same Page Limited

Same Page Limited exhibited a luggage deposit place reservation application "Tebura" at Inbound Business Comprehensive Exhibition 2017. Introducing luggage storage place reservation application for foreign visitors who can deposit large luggage and do sightseeing without checking in the hotel. For more details, visite to Internet!

[Inbound Business EXPO Japan 2017] “Japanese style worship unit of the assembly type” – Toyohi Kasei Co., Ltd. / AM Project

Toyohi Bussan Co., Ltd. / AM Project exhibited "Assembled style Japanese worship unit" during Japanese room unit work at Inbound Business Comprehensive Exhibition 2017. Introducing a Japanese style worship unit that allows Muslim travelers who visited Japan to experience their worship in a traditional Japanese space and enjoy their stay with peace of mind. For more details, visite to Internet!