Kagoshima Prefecture2 Videos

Seriola Dumerili’s Kelp Rolled – Minami Fisheries

Minami fisheries exhibited at the regional bank Food Selection 2016, Kanpachi’s kelp rolled “Mother’s Handmade Sakurajima Roll”. We introduce kelp rolled wrapped in the shape of Sakurajima, sweetly simmering the Kanpachi brought up in natural Ikecho at the foot of Sakurajima with local soy sauce and brown sugar. For more details, visit to http://www.tenji.tv

Amami Island pig Akarinton – KAISEI Corp.

KAIKEI Corp. exhibits Amami Island pig Akarinton in Agri-Food EXPO Tokyo 2014 They introduced a pig of good quality meat with flavor increased by homecoming “Kagoshima black pig” in Amami Oshima, with forage and water containing natural nutrients. The “Kagoshima black pig” is from the Amami island pig. For more details please visit http://iexpo.tv. Turn […]