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EDIX2015 | Recorded security camera “Anshin-kun” – Protech Ltd.

Protech Ltd. exhibits Recorded security camera “Anshin-kun” in EDIX2015 For more details please visit http://iexpo.tv. Turn captions on for Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Espanol, Portuguese.

New Japanese turntable for the living room by Iguchi Kiko Co., ltd.

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[INTER-FOOD JAPAN2011] White Soy Sauce – Yamashin Co., Ltd.

For more details please visit http://tenji.tv (Japanese).

[JAPANTEX 2016] – Fujie Textile Co., Ltd.

Fujie Textile Co., Ltd. exhibited the “PURE & CRAFT” at JAPANTEX 2016. For more details, please visit to http://www.tenji.tv

[Photonix 2012] Coherent Light Signal Analyzer – Tektronix Japan

For more details please visit http://tenji.tv (Japanese).

[Agri-Food Expo Tokyo 2011] Giga Mush – Waq Trading Co., Ltd.

For more details please visit http://tenji.tv (Japanese).

Kyushu Pancake – Ippei Limited Company

Ippei limited company exhibited Kyushu pancake at regional bank food selection 2016. Introducing pancake powder using wheat and millets in each prefecture of Kyushu characterized by a unique fluffy drinking texture. For more details, Visit to http://www.tenji.tv