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[Agri-Food Expo Tokyo 2011] Rice Breadcrumbs – Tainai Co., Ltd.

For more details please visit (Japanese).

Visiting Fukuoka:The Yamakasa Festival

Hi everyone ! Have you ever heard about the Yamakasa Festival ? It’s a truly important part of the culture of Fukuoka, and it is absolutely worth it ! Check out this video to learn a little bit more about it ! Feel free to comment 🙂 See you soon for the next video !

[Manufacturing World Japan 2016] “Side Hook Bolt” – Azumaneji Co., Ltd.

Azumaneji Co., Ltd. exhibited the Side Hook Bolt at Manufacturing World Japan 2016. With ordinary tools, there is a tamper-proof function which is difficult to remove, introduce makeup bolts with rubberized on side. For more details, please visit to