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Mary Chocolate will display a new chocolate work at Salon du Chocolat Paris 2018

From October 31, 2018, the world’s largest chocolate exhibition “Salon du Chocolat Paris” will also be opening this year. Mary Chocolate exhibit at overseas strategic brand “Tokyo chocolate”. Please enjoy the atmosphere of “Salon du Chocolat Paris”.

FOOMA JAPAN 2018 – Overview Video

FOOMA JAPAN is a showcase of products, technologies, and services for food processing and related operations. The exhibitors represent every conceivable link in the value chain for food-related equipment. Annual attendance is large, and the range of exhibits broadens further with each exhibition. Excellent opportunities for business-to-business interchange are a FOOMA JAPAN hallmark.

The official movie of FOOMA JAPAN 2017

Sponsoring the FOOMA JAPAN exhibition is the Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (FOOMA). FOOMA was established in 1948 and received recognition as a corporation in March of 1967. FOOMA is the sole representative in the world of Japanese food machinery makers as a general organization.

Mary Chocolate at “Salon du Chocolat Paris 2017” in France

Mary Chocolate Co., Ltd. exhibited their prestige brand “Tokyo Chocolate” at the world’s largest chocolate exhibition the “Salon du Chocolat 2017” held from October 28, 2017 in France. Their chocolate received a gold medal for the second consecutive year, and we communicated Japanese culture and materials of Japan to Paris through seminars. Please enjoy Mary […]

Kyuhan Corporation exhibited the “Cool-type radiant kiln gas oven” at the P&B Japan 2017

Kyuhan Corporation exhibited a characteristics of grilled stone kiln “Cool-type radiant kiln gas oven” at the Patisserie & Bakery Japan 2017.

Nikko Co., Ltd. exhibited Feeding and Accumulation Systems at FOOMA JAPAN 2017

Nikko Co., Ltd. exhibited the Feeding and Accumulation Systems – Rotary Feeder at FOOMA JAPAN 2017. The Feeding and Accumulation Systems – Rotary Feeder that can align and supply 500 pieces per minute. Conventionally, five robots were needed to pack individual packages of 500 pcs / min, but combining with this equipment and picking robot, […]

Super IH Continuous Baking Machine – Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd. at FOOMA JAPAN 2017

Yanagiya Co., Ltd. exhibited the “Super IH Continuous Baking Machine” at FOOMA JAPAN 2017 “Super IH Continuous Baking Machine” made it possible for the first time in the world to continuously heat a non-magnetic metal which is not suitable for IH such as copper, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel etc. With this technology, processing is simplified, […]

PIKASEN α PLUS – Satake Corp. at N-EXPO 2017

Satake Corp. exhibited chute type optical sorter “PIKASEN α PLUS” at N-EXPO 2017. Satake demonstrated the multipurpose chute type optical sorter – the “PIKASEN α PLUS”. Furthermore, Satake displaied a panel exhibition proposing a plastic recycling system combining optical sorter with a surface treatment machine for household electric appliances and car bumpers.

[MOBAC SHOW 2017] Kajiwara Inc. – Caramelized Coating Machine “KRS+CC Type”

Kajiwara Inc. exhibited caramel nuts, rashes, caramel popcorn and other coating machines at MOBAC SHOW 2017. “KRS+CC Type” machine is a unique system developed for caramel almonds, and make coating almond by melted caramel cleanly. This machine can freely set stirring speed from low speed to high speed according to the product. The stirring part […]

[MOBAC SHOW 2017] Fukushima Industries Corp. – Separately Stored High Humidity Storage “UQD-120WM7”

It keeps high humidity by the wall regenerator method and suppresses oxidation and drying with fan inside. Stable retention of internal temperature without defrosting. There are four high humidity chambers, each of which is controlled independently by each microcomputer. This makes it possible to utilize it simultaneously for two purposes at the same time, such […]

Oil-free and using organic potato “Manna Chips” at WFFS 2017

Manna Chips is an oil-free, organic potato chips company. They introduced their products at Winter Fancy Food Show 2017. For more details, please visit our page below.

Product presentations about Edamame Mix at Winter Fancy Food Show 2017

Maruyanagi Foods Inc.’s staff, Ken introduced a new product “Steamed Beans & Edamame Mix” at Winter Fancy Food Show 2017. For more details, please visit product details page here. You can purchase this product from online below. Steamed Bean and Edamame Snack Mix by Maruyanagi Foods See Edamame Mix’s profile page here.

Edamame Mix at Winter Fancy Food Show 2017

Maruyanagi Foods exhibited steamed organic beans products "Edamame Mix" at San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show 2017. For more details, please visit product details page here.

Kyushu Pancake – Ippei Limited Company

Ippei limited company exhibited Kyushu pancake at regional bank food selection 2016. Introducing pancake powder using wheat and millets in each prefecture of Kyushu characterized by a unique fluffy drinking texture. For more details, Visit to

Enzyme fermented seasoning “Shiitake Dashi (Mushroom Soup)” – Maruhara

Marura company exhibited enzyme fermented seasoning “Shiitake Dashi (Mushroom Soup)” at regional bank Food Selection 2016. Introduced “Shiitake Dashi” soy sauce that can be used as a soup of Shiitake, which was made by fermenting only raw shark shiitake mushrooms and salt from Oita prefecture For more details, visit to

Inakichi’s Surigoma (Grind Sesame) – Inakichi

Inakichi exhibited a “Inakichi’s Surigoma (Grind Sesame)” at the Regional Bank Food Selection 2016. Introducing a sesame used by many three-star chefs, characterized by a rich and rich flavor, made by a craftsman alone in a handmade pot. For more details, visit to

Lotus Root Dried Powder – Maruha Gardening Co., Ltd.

Maruha Gardening Co., Ltd. exhibited “Lotus Root Dried Powder” produced by Shiraishi in Kyushu Saga Prefecture at the Regional Bank Food Selection 2016. Introduction of bronchial asthma, colds prevention, diet and cake flour and yogurt mixed with Saga prefecture Shiraishi product lotus powder. For mode details, visit to

Higo Vegetable Croquette “Higo no Suke” and Kasuga Vegetable Soup “Kasuga Boubura Soup”

The Limited Liability Company North exhibited Hinosuke “Bejikoro & Kasuga Bowl Soup” at regional bank Food Selection 2016. Introducing croquette using traditional hinoki vegetables and soup. For more details please visit