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Kazuaki Tanaka-2011FukuokaRubyNight

2011 Fukuoka Ruby Night November 3, 2011 MacKenzie Room, Stanford University Short Talk Ruby Lite Kazuaki Tanaka

Cycling Shimanami 2017 in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

The “Seto Inland Shimanami Sea Route” has a series of bridges across beautiful islands connecting Ehime’s Imabari City to Hiroshima’s Onomichi City.

How to Make Aiya’s Matcha to Go

Aiya's Matcha to Go sticks are designed to make Ceremonial Matcha as quickly and easily as possible. By utilizing new techniques to eliminate clumping, it is now easier to mix into hot water with just a spoon. For an iced Matcha on the go, just pour into a water bottle and shake. Enjoy ceremonial Matcha anytime, anywhere!

Supporting Your Sleep. Wherever You Are.

Whether at home or traveling, airweave strives to give you a consistent sleep to power your tomorrow. See how 300 U.S. Olympians will travel to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with our Portable Team USA Edition Top Mattresses to optimize their sleep while they go for the gold. Check the “Manufactures bedding products – airweave […]


We will introduce the attractiveness of various tourist spots of 4 representing areas of Yamagata Ken, “Zao, Dewa Sanzan, Ginzan Onsen, Yamadera", including active, nature, retro modern, healing, history, literature, faith, primitive, power spot and so on. "STAY! YAMAGATA" The willing of close contact with the relaxed air and local cuisine, and with the simple and kind people of Yamagata will be shown in the stay tourism from DAY1 to DAY4. Come and see Yamagata,it's waiting for you. 山形県を代表する4エリア 「蔵王、出羽三山、銀山温泉、山寺」の アクティブ・ネイチャー・レトロモダン・ 癒し・歴史・文学・信仰・ プリミティブ・パワースポットなど、 多彩な観光資源の魅力を映像で紹介します。 「STAY YAMAGATA」 滞在型観光により、山形のゆったりした空気や郷土料理、 素朴で優しい人々に触れてほしい、 そんな願いをDAY1からDAY4という 4日間の構成の中でリアルに表現いたしました。 山形に、あいにきてください。

Visiting Fukuoka: A tour of the Fukuoka disaster prevention center

As most of you with an interest in Japan know, the country has forever been shaken by earthquakes and other natural disasters. From the youngest age, Japanese children learn the right behavior and the safety measures. For us foreigners though, it might not be common knowledge. Follow me through this tour to know a little […]

kuwashionomai (traditional dance) and kamizumo (sumo of the gods)

Here is a short introduction on Significant Intangible Cultural Assets: Performances of kuwashionomai (traditional dance) and kamizumo (sumo of the gods) using kugutsu (wooden puppets) help display a unique custom that’s part of the shrine’s long history. Location: Koinumaru, Yoshitomi Town, Chikujo County Date: August 6th Designated objects (by Japan): Hachimankohyou Shrine’s kugutsu and their […]

The Grand Opening of the Honda Silicon Valley R&D Facility.

Catch all the amazing highlights from the grand opening of the new Honda Silicon Valley R&D facility. There’s footage from our live stream of the 2016 Accord reveal on Periscope, a behind-the-scenes peek at the Honda Developer Studio, tech demos and more! See HSVL’s profile page here.

Yukuhiro “Matz” Matsumoto – 2012 Ruby Night (10.17.2012)

The New World of Ruby by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, Chief Designer of the Ruby Programming Language at Fukuoka Ruby Night at Twitter on October 17, 2012

KIMONOMACHI “LADY STYLE” Yukata Lucky Bag 2017 Making Video

KIMONOMACHI "LADY STYLE" Yukata Lucky Bag 2017 Making Video

The Shirakami-Sanchi – World Natural Heritage Site

The Shirakami Mountains spread 130,000 hectares over Aomori and Akita, and the central part has been listed as a World Natural Heritage Site since 1993. The untouched primeval beech forest in the range is one of the world's largest and provides an important environment for vegetation and animal habitats. Anmon-no-taki Falls, the most beautiful scenery in the Shirakami Mountains, is a must-see. You can stroll along the nature trails through the lush woods and along the river where crystal clear water flows. At the Shirakami Mountains Visitor Center and the Shirakami World Heritage Center, you can learn a lot about the nature of the Shirakami Mountains. There are many exhibition rooms and a film/video theater as well. Lake Juni-ko, a lake of mystery in the northwestern foothills of the Shirakami Mountains, is surrounded by a dense beech forest. Lake Juni-ko actually consists of a group of 33 lakes and marshes. Among them, Ao-ike Pond is particularly beautiful, and fascinates visitors with its mysterious cobalt blue water.

Japan Golden Route

Many foreign visitors mistakenly believe that it is very expensive in Tokyo but this is not really true. Many visitors know about "100-yen Shops" and enjoy shopping at these and other discount shops, while dining out is also becoming more affordable for them. Some would go to soba (Buckwheat noodles) shops to have tempura (Deep-fried in vegetable oil, fish and vegetables) soba noodles, rather than going to tempura shops only to order tempura. Also, they go in a group to enjoy sharing nabe (pan menu). It seems that they really know how to enjoy their stay in Japan in an affordable way," says Mr. Katsuo Tobita, the owner of Ryoken "Shigetsu" in Asakusa, Tokyo. In the sections below, you can find either free or low cost tips that will make a trip to Japan really enjoyable, yet still not in a "cheap" way.

Walking the Nagasaki Kaido – Izuka-shuku

Izuka-shuku (current Izuka City area) flourished during Edo period as one of the main postal hubs on Nagasaki Kaido, which connected Nagasaki and Kokura. We visit the city of Izuka and its shopping district as well as the surrounding locations that reflect its prosperity at that time.

Stroll Through “Denken” – Traditional Architecture Preservation District Asakura City

Out of the 110 locations designated as Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings, there are five of them in Fukuoka Prefecture. Having a high historical value, the Preservation Districts are made up of residential buildings, sceneries, waterways, and settlements. In this episode, we will introduce you to Akizuki in Asakura City, one of the […]

Fukuoka ERIA Form – Keynote Speecheria

Fukuoka ERIA Form – Keynote Speech A Business Strategy for SMEs of Fukuoka for Growing With the Rest of Asia Date:Feb.14,2013 Venue:Hotel Okura Fukuoka