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Polarized Ski Goggle: Gray Color – Flower

New and innovative lens shapes are often the catalyst for innovative design. This is truly the story with the Toric lenses shape and this story is still evolving. Sunglass designers are finding new ways to use this shape in both fashion and sport applications. A Toric lens has two base curves, one in the horizontal direction and one in the vertical direction. This allows the lens to better conform to the natural shape of the human face.

The Secret Weapon to Flawless Foundation | Beauty Expert Tips | Shiseido

Shiseido Products Featured in This Video: Perfect Foundation brush: Glow Enhancing Primer Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation, Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Advanced Hydro-Liquid Compact Foundation, Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sheer and Perfect Compact Foundation, Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Stick Foundation, Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Radiant Lifting Foundation, Broad Spectrum […]

Locations associated with Kanbei! Kanbei and samurai Tachibana Muneshige

Sengoku superheroines, Fukuoka Kanbei Girls – revitalizing Fukuoka by spreading the history of the city and the culture of Japan’s Sengoku period. Along with Tachibana Muneshige, the Girls will visit various locations associated with Kuroda Kanbei in Yanagawa City and Chikugo City.

Locations Associated with Kanbei Kanbei’s Force – Fukuoka “Fukuoka City”

Time traveled to here from 400 years ago are Kuroda Kanbei and his “Fukuoka Kuroda Bushotai” warriors. The group visits various locations associated with Kanbei and the Kuroda clan found in Fukuoka City.

Kanbei Kuroda, Shigefusa Utsunomiya, Chikujyo-machi

We will introduce you to places closely associated with Kuroda Kanbei, where we highly recommend you to visit. In this episode, we will visit Chikujyo-machi – where Kanbei’s biggest rival, Utsunomiya Shigefusa, had ruled for years. Featuring the site of the mountain castle Kanbei battled, gourmet product with Shigefusa theme, and etc.

Heisei Chikuho Railway – Local Delicacy Journey Part II

A gourmet uourney via Heisei Chikuho Railway. In today’s episode, we introduce to you Miso-dare Oden (Yukuhashi City) and Yaki-spa (Nogata City).

Stroll Through “Denken” – Traditional Architecture Preservation District Asakura City

Out of the 110 locations designated as Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings, there are five of them in Fukuoka Prefecture. Having a high historical value, the Preservation Districts are made up of residential buildings, sceneries, waterways, and settlements. In this episode, we will introduce you to Akizuki in Asakura City, one of the […]

Walk Through Fukuoka Kyushu OLLE – Yame Course

The OLLE featuring a series of hiking courses for your enjoyment through the nature. Originated in Jeju Island, South Korea, there are 15 expansion courses in Kyushu and 2 within Fukuoka Prefecture. In this episode, we will introduce you to the Yame Course featuring Yame Central Tea Garden and other significant sites in Yame region. […]

Fukuoka’s Keya Beach is the jewel of the Itoshima Peninsula.

Fukuoka's Keya Beach is the jewel of the Itoshima Peninsula. Beach houses, clear waters, and clean sand grace this bay retreat. Read more from Tristan Scholze:

Heritage Tour in Japan

There are a million reasons to fall in love with Japan! Explore them all them all and start planning your ONLY IN JAPAN GETAWAY today!

Supporting Your Sleep. Wherever You Are.

Whether at home or traveling, airweave strives to give you a consistent sleep to power your tomorrow. See how 300 U.S. Olympians will travel to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with our Portable Team USA Edition Top Mattresses to optimize their sleep while they go for the gold. Check the “Manufactures bedding products – airweave […]

Fukuoka Prefecture’s Roses

Fukuoka Prefecture is the nation’s third largest rose producer concerning crop acreage, shipping volume, and output. This time roses in Fukuoka Prefecture will be introduced.

Daily Skincare Routine: Beautiful Skin in Under 3 Minutes | Beauty Expert Tips | Shiseido

Shiseido Products Featured in This Video: IBUKI Gentle Cleanser IBUKI Softening Concentrate Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate IBUKI Refining Moisturizer IBUKI Eye Correcting Cream Reveal trouble-free skin in under three minutes! With the help of Shiseido, now you can achieve hydrated, healthy skin for the fresh-faced confidence that you deserve. Like […]

Kurume Okiage

A specialty crafts designated by the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume Okiage which used to be made actively around Chikugo Region until the Meiji and Taisho Periods will be introduced.

Stroll Through “Denken” Traditional Architecture Preservation District Yame City – Kurogi Region

Also known as “denken” districts, the Traditional Architecture Preservation Districts designated by the national government consists of total 110 unique locations throughout Japan. There are five of them in Fukuoka Prefecture. The districts are of high historic value not only for having historic residential buildings within them but also for their scenic beauty, inovative irrigation […]

Mekari Shinji – Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka

The traditional ritual of Mekari Shrine, found at the most northerly location in Kyushu facing the Kanmon Straits. With 3-meter long torches in their hands, the Shinto priests wonder into the freezing waters in order to harvest the symbol of fortune, seaweed. Designated as Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Fukuoka Prefecture. Location: Moji, Moji Ward, […]