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How to Make Aiya’s Matcha to Go

Aiya's Matcha to Go sticks are designed to make Ceremonial Matcha as quickly and easily as possible. By utilizing new techniques to eliminate clumping, it is now easier to mix into hot water with just a spoon. For an iced Matcha on the go, just pour into a water bottle and shake. Enjoy ceremonial Matcha anytime, anywhere!

How to Make a Bowl of Aiya’s Ceremonial Matcha

Matcha is a powdered Japanese green tea made from the finest tea leaves. As one of the most unique teas on the planet, Matcha obtains its tremendous health properties through careful growing, cultivating and processing. It is high in antioxidants and contains 100% of the nutrients from the leaf, while the amino acid L-theanine gives you a sustained 3-6 hour energy without the crash or jitters often associated with caffeine. Not only that, but it also increases mental clarity and focus, thanks to the same amino acid. Join us as we go over the unique and enjoyable experience of making a traditional bowl of Matcha.

How to make Japanese-style curry (Java Curry)

Ingredients (9 Servings) 1 box Java Curry Sauce Mix 1.1 lb (500 g) meat 2 onions (14.1 oz, 400 g) 2 potatoes (10.6 oz, 300 g) 1 carrot (7 oz, 200 g) 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 5 2/5 cups (1,300 ml) water (4 4/5 cups (1,150 ml) if cooking in a covered pot) * 1 […]

How to make Japanese-style curry (Kokumaro Curry)

Ingredients (8 Servings) 1 box Kokumaro Curry Sauce Mix 10.6 oz (300 g) meat 2 onions (14.1 oz, 400 g) 2 potatoes (10.6 oz, 300 g) 1 carrot (7 oz, 200 g) 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 4 1/5 cups (1,000 ml) water (3 1/2 cups (850 ml) if cooking in a covered pot) Note: For […]

How to make Japanese-style curry (Vermont Curry Small Box)

Ingredients (6 Servings) 1 box House Vermont Curry Sauce Mix 8.8 oz (250 g) meat 2 onions (14.1 oz, 400 g) 1 & 1/2 potatoes (8.1 oz, 230 g) 1/2 carrot (3.5 oz, 100 g) 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 3 1/2 cups (850 ml) water (3 1/5 cups (750 ml) if cooking in a covered […]

Introduction #2 (Miso Soup Dispenser LSA) – Marukome Co., Ltd.

Video Contents 1. Introduction to the LSA model Miso Soup Dispenser

Fukuoka Local Cafes: Novel Cafe Lily

A lovely little cafe in the peaceful neighborhood of Meinohama in Fukuoka. This is a local cafe specializing in specialty coffee and the owner Lily is such a kind-hearted and a loving human being. This is one place you ought not to miss on your travels to Fukuoka Japan. Address: 2-12-5 Meinohama, Nishi-ward ,Fukuoka […]

Edamame Mix’s Promotional Video

This video clip is promotional video for Edamame Mix. For more details, please visit our website below. You can purchase this product from online below. Steamed Bean and Edamame Snack Mix by Maruyanagi Foods See Edamame Mix’s profile page here.

Fukuoka Roaster Cafes: Neutral Coffee

A roaster cafe in Fujisaki Fukuoka. Toru Nishioka talks about his cafe, the difficulties of roasting and a message to his customers. For more info, check out the blog post below. 福岡の藤崎にある自家焙煎店ニュートラルコーヒー。店主の西岡徹がコーヒーを語る。 Song: Joey Pecoraro -To be happy Sound Effect: Cinematic Reel – dworker88

Fukuoka Roaster Cafes: Fusuku Coffee

An innovative specialty roaster cafe in Fukuoka Japan. Koji Fusuku talks about his journey and pursuit of the best cup of coffee. My blog post about Fusuku Coffee: Facebook: Fusuku Coffee Website: Music ‘longing’ by Joakim Karud Thanks for Watching 😉

Heisei Chikuho Railway – Local Delicacies

There are various gourmet spots along the Heisei Chikuho Railway lines. In this episode, we introduce Hojo Suiton (Fukuchi Town) and Tagawa Hormone (Tagawa City).

How To Prepare House Foods’ Wok Me Up Tofu Starter Kit

Learn how to make a quick and delicious vegetarian stir fry with our Wok Me Up Tofu starter kit! Check the “Largest Tofu manufacturers in USA – House Foods America Corporation” page here.

Gibier in Fukuoka

French cuisine of gibier – low in calorie, high in protein, and rich in vitamin and iron. We introduce you to gibier dishes.

Welcome to Umi Town The Nansho-ga-taki Falls Icicles & Shochu, Umi-sansan

The Nansho-ga-taki Falls Icicles of the forest of Showa – a winter attraction of Umi Town. Many come to visit this place to enjoy the mother nature.

How to Make Koi-Cha (thick tea) with Aiya’s Premium Grade Matcha

This Premium Grade Matcha is the best and highest grade of Matcha currently offered by Aiya. For the true tea connoisseur, Aiya’s Premium Matcha provides a level of quality typically reserved for high-class Japanese tea ceremonies. Featuring a smooth flavor packed with tons of natural sweetness (umami flavor) from the L-Theanin amino acids, this grade is recommended for special occasions. It is ideally served as Koi-cha (thick style Matcha), though this grade can also be enjoyed as Usu-cha (thin style Matcha). And if desired, this Premium Grade Matcha can be enjoyed as a daily luxury.

AJI-NO-MOTO® Production Animation (ENG)

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Ajinomoto Co.) is a global manufacturer of high-quality seasonings, processed foods, beverages, amino acids, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals. For many decades Ajinomoto Co. has contributed to food culture and human health through wide-ranging application of amino acid technologies. Today, the company is becoming increasingly involved with solutions for improved food resources, human […]