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Fukuoka Local Cafes: Novel Cafe Lily

A lovely little cafe in the peaceful neighborhood of Meinohama in Fukuoka. This is a local cafe specializing in specialty coffee and the owner Lily is such a kind-hearted and a loving human being. This is one place you ought not to miss on your travels to Fukuoka Japan. http://www.coffeelingual.com/novel-cafe-lily/ Address: 2-12-5 Meinohama, Nishi-ward ,Fukuoka […]

MC-10NGL : Non magnetic, High lubrication and Low contact resistant.

Mitsuya Co., Ltd. http://www.mitsuya-plating.com/ MC-10NGL Non magnetic, High lubrication and Low contact resistant. See the Mitsuya’s product page here.

Mitsuya Co., Ltd. – Gold Tin Alloy Plating

This video shows the result of Mitsuya gold-tin plating deposit by DTA. You can see the melting vividly and dramatically at eutectic point. (47sec.) For more details, please visit our website below. Gold Tin Alloy Plating See the Gold Tin Alloy Plating’s product page here.

Edamame Mix’s Promotional Video

This video clip is promotional video for Edamame Mix. For more details, please visit our website below. http://maruyanagi.com/ You can purchase this product from online below. Steamed Bean and Edamame Snack Mix by Maruyanagi Foods (2.19 ounce) See Edamame Mix’s profile page here.


Nagasaki Prefecture lies in the northwestern part of Kyushu, the third-largest island of Japan and most southwesterly of its four main islands, and consists of five peninsulas and numerous islands. With the sea in between, it stands face-to-face with a continent, part of which is China, and the Korean Peninsula. It has therefore long been an important transportation point facing the continent of Asia. Ports for trade with Portugal and Holland were also established there in the 16th century. In addition, since it was once the center of Christian propagation, there are many exotic historical ruins and buildings that still remain within the prefecture.

ARITA EPISODE2 – Professional Use Project vol.1 –

Source: SagaKouhouMovie What is the professional use tableware that the top chef desires? The star chef gathered in Arita area, and they behaved cooking skills and hospitable special guests. Enjoy the world of creation that is born with the fusion of cuisine, vessels, and the sensibilities of each creator, along with the scenery of the […]

Fukuoka Roaster Cafes: Neutral Coffee

A roaster cafe in Fujisaki Fukuoka. Toru Nishioka talks about his cafe, the difficulties of roasting and a message to his customers. For more info, check out the blog post below. http://www.coffeelingual.com/neutral-coffee/ 福岡の藤崎にある自家焙煎店ニュートラルコーヒー。店主の西岡徹がコーヒーを語る。 Song: Joey Pecoraro -To be happy Sound Effect: Cinematic Reel – freesound.org dworker88

ARITA EPISODE 1 – Since 1616

Since firing the porcelain for the first time in Japan in 1616, for over 400 years, we continued evolution and innovation of manufacturing, and Arita-yaki which is handed over to now. Please enjoy a short trip that depicts the skill and traditional beauty that carved eternal history with the townscape of Arita and flower birds moon.

Super-giant squid arrives in town of Yobuko!?

The charms of the region represented by the squid and the advent of the era of producing energy from the sea are represented by a drama starring local residents.

Arita in Saga Prefecture

Arita, the cradle of porcelain manufacturing in Japan, is a quiet town among mountains, located in the western part of Saga. Ri Sampei (Korean name, Lee Cham-Pyung), a potter from Korea, discovered a fine-quality white porcelain mineral in Mt. Arita-Izumi-yama. This was the beginning of Arita's development into an internationally known town of porcelain. A monument in memory of Ri Sampei stands in Toyama-jinja Shrine, Arita's chief tutelary shrine. White-walled houses originating in the 1930s and old Western-style buildings are still present in the Uchiyama area, where many potters once lived. At the back of these buildings, there are Tonbai fences made of used fireproof bricks and old-fashioned potteries. Pottery and porcelain lovers must visit the Kyushu Ceramic Museum and the Arita Ceramic Art Museum in town, where they can see exquisite pottery and porcelain pieces.


Welcome to “SAGA”, the best place to have your sport-camps! We are looking forward to seeing you here. “SAMURAI SPIRITS” In Japan there is a mindset that has lived on through the ages of men who fought with pride. The same spirit that drove these men can be found in today’s athletes. The aura of […]

Fukuoka Roaster Cafes: Fusuku Coffee

An innovative specialty roaster cafe in Fukuoka Japan. Koji Fusuku talks about his journey and pursuit of the best cup of coffee. My blog post about Fusuku Coffee: http://www.coffeelingual.com/fusuku-coffee/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coffeelingual/ Fusuku Coffee Website: http://fusukucoffee.jp Music ‘longing’ by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Thanks for Watching 😉

Around Omuta City – Japan’s Modern Industrial Heritage Sites of Meiji Period

Along with the Japanese Government, Fukuoka Prefecture has been supporting the Modern Industrial Heritage Sites in Kyushu and Yamaguchi as a 2015 candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today, we will introduce you to Omuta City’s Miike Coal Mine and its related facilities – one of the nominated sites of the industrial revolution.

Lilies of Fukuoka

Lilies – the long-loved flowers symbolizing beauty. In this episode, we will visit Ukiha City to introduce you to gorgeous lilies of Fukoka.

With Ecoton! Kyushu Geibun-kan and Chikugo Funagoya Sightseeing

Kyushu Geibun-kan which opened in April of 2013 and tourist attractions around Chikugo Funagoya Station will be introduced with Ecoton’s assistance.

By Fukuoka Water-bus, Fuku-haku Minato Deai Boat. let’s go to Nokonoshima Island!

A water-bus, Fuku-haku Minato Deai Boat which departs from and arrives at Tenjin Central Park in the center of Fukuoka City and Nokonoshima Island where nature in four seasons and delicious specialties can be enjoyed will be introduced.