airweave is the Japanese bedding company known for its unique technology and the belief that "Tomorrow Starts Tonight." If you're looking for a firm, supportive and highly breathable mattress, we are the answer! Unlike anything else on the market, airweave is designed to power your tomorrow through a deeper more restorative sleep that's backed by science.

Sleep Study and airweave way forward

airfiber® is our proprietary technology and material that makes up the core of our mattresses. Through its unique interwoven design, airfiber helps you move easily, evenly distributes weight and allows airflow to help keep you in a deeper more restful sleep. Check the “Manufactures bedding products – airweave inc.” page here.

Supporting Your Sleep. Wherever You Are.

Whether at home or traveling, airweave strives to give you a consistent sleep to power your tomorrow. See how 300 U.S. Olympians will travel to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with our Portable Team USA Edition Top Mattresses to optimize their sleep while they go for the gold. Check the “Manufactures bedding products – airweave […]