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2013 CEEPO VIPER シーポバイパーの紹介 (日本語 in Japanese)

CEEPOトライアスロンバイクの最高峰、VIPER (シーポ バイパー)2013年モデルのご紹介。Introduction to CEEPO's top of the range triathlon bike frame, 2013 VIPER, in Japanese by Joe Tanaka

Matcha: From Seed to Cup – Aiya Matcha (Full Version Movie)

In this movie you will learn all about the Nishio Matcha growing region of Japan, the history of Aiya, how Matcha is grown, how Matcha is produced, and much much more!

Matcha’s Stone Grinding Process – Aiya Matcha

The fineness and quality of Matcha is heavily dependent on the stone grinder. This movie shows you how the stone grinder works and how ultra fine Matcha is made.

Matcha Stone Artisans – Aiya Matcha

Making Ceremonial Grade Matcha requires the correct grinding process. The correct grinding process requires grinders built by the best of the best - Aiya's Stone Artisans.

The Health Benefits and Uses of Matcha – Aiya Matcha

Aiya Matcha Movie - The Health Benefits and Uses of Matcha

Tips from Aiya’s Master Tea Sommeliers – Aiya Matcha

Aiya Matcha Movie - Interview with One of Aiya's Master Tea Sommeliers