Cycling Shimanami 2017 in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

The “Seto Inland Shimanami Sea Route” has a series of bridges across beautiful islands connecting Ehime’s Imabari City to Hiroshima’s Onomichi City.

It was chosen as one of the “seven best cycle routes” by America’s CNN travel information site and has received a Michelin star from France’s “Michelin Green Guide Japan.” It is often referred to as a “cycling sanctuary” in Japan. A cycling event (not a race) will take place on the Shimanami Sea Route. There will be seven breathtaking and refreshing courses available that focus on sightseeing. One of those courses is the Imabari-Onomichi course, which has riders traveling 43km across a highway bridge.

On October 28, 2018, the western Japanese prefecture of Ehime will hold the international cycling event “Cycling Shimanami” with approximately 7,000 cyclists from around the world expected to participate. For more details, click here.

Source: Visit Ehime Japan

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