Eco-Products is a leading sustainable & global warming related international eco-products, green productivity & environmental technologies exhibition in the Japan. It will focus on future, environmental technologies and the latest information on eco-products and will attract 185,000 visitors and 750 exhibitors with 1,750 booths.

The “Eco-Products” exhibition was started in 1999 to promote environmentally- friendly products. As environmental issues have become a major concern of society, the scope of the exhibits has broadened from products only, to services, environmental management, and social contribution. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, generation and effective use of energy have become increasingly popular themes of the exhibits.

Moreover, at the COP21 held last year, an agreement was reached to establish a new international framework with the participation of 196 countries and regions of the world. When we look several decades ahead, the key issue is how to accelerate the efforts to build a low-carbon society. Combined with the above trend, the move to build a smart society, using ICT and from the viewpoint of energy mix as well as electricity and gas system reform, is becoming more and more intense.

This year, the name of the exhibition has been changed from “Eco-Products” to “EcoPro ~International Exhibition on Environment and Energy” to address the changes in the exhibition contents and the needs of the time in order for us to proceed to the next stage.

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