FINETECH JAPAN – Lcd/Oled/Sensor Technology Expo is a 3 day event being held on April at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan. FINETECH JAPAN showcases components, materials, and manufacturing devices for FPD development and manufacturing, as well as the latest displays such as touch panels and OLEDs. It attracts a large number of visitors worldwide as a total gathering of FPD-related products and technologies.

Exhibit Profile:
Components & Materials, Manufacturing & Testing Equipment, Processing Technologies for Manufacturing FPDs such as Liquid Crystal, OLED, 3D, e-Paper, Touch Panel, etc.

Visitor Profile:
R&D/Design/Production departments of FPD Panel/Assembly Manufacturers

World Smart Energy Week is comprised of 6 exhibitions & conference specialized in the following fields:

  • Photonix – Int’l Laser & Photonics Expo
    The optics and laser technologies play a role in innovation in various fields such as electronics, automobile, optical communications,
    renewable energies and medical, and more demands are expected in the future. Photonix gathers expected 400 exhibitors from optical communications, laser processing, optics, optical measuring/analytical system fields, and is held as the Japan’s exhibition for photonics industry.

  • Highly-functional Material World
    An exhibition gathering highly-functional material technologies that are indispensable to various kinds of high technology industries. Material manufacturers, processing technologies, production equipment, testing equipment, etc. will be exhibiting. Active negotiations will take place among researchers and manufacturers of various fields such as automotive, electronics, medical and aerospace.

  • FilmTech JAPAN – Highly-functional Film Expo
    Highly-functional film now attracts great attention with its applications in a variety of industries such as FPD, renewable energy, smartphone, LED, construction materials, pharmaceutical, food packaging, etc. FilmTech JAPAN will gather all kinds of R&D, manufacturing and processing products and technologies related to highly-functional film.

  • PLASTIC JAPAN – Highly-functional Plastic Expo
    Highly-functional plastics have been receiving great attention from various industries as next-generation materials for weight reduction, and metal-alternative and environmental-friendly products. PLASTIC JAPAN is a comprehensive show that gathers all kinds of plastic-related technologies from highly-functional plastic and CFRP forming/processing to material technologies.

  • METAL Japan – Highly-functional Metal Expo
    Japan’s only exhibition specialised in highly-functional metals and equipment. In order to add high values to product, using highly-functional metals is key today. It is the best place to conduct business meetings with manufacturers around the world.

  • CERAMICS JAPAN – Highly-functional Ceramics Expo
    It is Japan’s largest show for highly-functional ceramics & manufacturing technologies. It will be held inside Highly-functional Material World.
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