Japan Hobby Show

Japan Hobby Show is a three day event that is scheduled to be held in Tokyo in Japan. This unique show focuses on various sectors of interests of different individuals and also helps all industries to develop and expand it. This show will bring together a number of exhibitors associated with the industry to put their products and sectors on display. The show helps the exhibitors to gather great attention and help their respective field to develop and expand significantly. Japan Hobby Show helps each and every attendee to gather huge information about their respective field and also helps them to have detailed understanding about the sector. The exhibitors and attendees of the sector will get a good opportunity to connect and interact with each other. More than 340 exhibitors will showcase their products and services associated with the sectors.

Exhibit items:
Sewing, Embroidery, Lace, Quilt, Knitting, Beads & Jewelry, Scrap-booking, Card-making, Leather, Paper, Ribbons, Candles, Flowers, Wrapping, Herb, Potpourri, Soap-making, Aromatic Goods, Baby & Kids, Drawing, Painting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Doll-making, Dyeing, Ceramic Arts, Dollhouses, Miniatures, Handmade Toys, Cake & Candy, Printers, Ink, Frames, Stained Glass, Gardening, Publishing and Related information… and more!

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