MOBAC SHOW – Machinery Materials Marketing Of Bakery And Confectionery Show

MOBAC SHOW (Machinery Materials Marketing Of Bakery And Confectionery Show), the only specialized general exhibition in Japan for the bakery and confectionery industries, is going to be held.

The show was held 25 times in the past, being highly rated in Japan and abroad as a business show, in which machinery, equipment, tools, raw materials, and sub-materials necessary for bakery and confectionery industries are exhibited together.

It is object of MOBAC SHOW to promote development of new technologies and new products through the show dedicated to bakery and confectionery machinery, raw materials and sub-materials, packaging machines, other equipment and tools related to bakery and confectionery, other food processing machinery all indispensable in the bakery and confectionery industry as well as to provide a place for exchanging information on the needs of the market to thereby contributing to the development of food industry and betterment of food culture.

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