New Environmental Exposition (N-Expo)

Advanced Sorting Machine – Fuji Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at N-EXPO 2017

Fuji Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd. exhibited the Advanced Sorting Machine at the N-EXPO 2017. Material sorting, recovery of valuables and removal of foreign substances can be available. We can offer the appropriate systems in accordance with the situation of customers. (Visited 123 times, 1 visits today)

Biogas generation plant – BTS Biogas Srl

BTS Biogas Srl is exhibited Biogas generation plant in 2014 prevention of global warming exhibition. They introduce a plant for generating electricity by methane fermentation using local biomass. By utilizing methane fermentation digestive liquid actively as liquid fertilizer for agriculture, it supports the regional activation and farm management with high added value. For more details please […]

PIKASEN α PLUS – Satake Corp. at N-EXPO 2017

Satake Corp. exhibited chute type optical sorter “PIKASEN α PLUS” at N-EXPO 2017. Satake demonstrated the multipurpose chute type optical sorter – the “PIKASEN α PLUS”. Furthermore, Satake displaied a panel exhibition proposing a plastic recycling system combining optical sorter with a surface treatment machine for household electric appliances and car bumpers. (Visited 141 times, […]