Nikkei Messe

Nikkei Messe is asia’s largest exhibition of products and services for developing next generation shops, commercial facilities, and comfortable towns.

Nikkei Messe is a collective term of 7 specialized exhibitions organized by Nikkei Inc.

    Japan’s largest comprehensive exhibition for retail stores showcasing store designs, displays, furniture, fixtures, equipment, signs, sales promotion tools and others.

    One of Japan’s most important comprehensive exhibitions of construction materials for housing, stores, and commercial and office buildings. The purpose of the exhibition is to held realize comfortable, healthy, and safe living and commercial environments.

  • LED Next Stage:
    Japan’s largest exhibition of new lighting solution, LED and OLED. Gathering key designs for next-generation lighting solutions, including solid state lighting (SSL) technology and devices and lighting applications, under the theme“ Creation and true value! LED and OLED lighting’s challenge”

    Japan’s largest trade show presenting the most advanced information equipment and systems for the supply chains and marketing of the retail industry. The special exhibition RETAIL DIGITAL SIGNAGE & POP 2014 will be held at the same time. Extensively featuring digital signage that is increasingly gaining recognition in in-store promotion.

  • NFC & Smart WORLD:
    Japan’s only exhibition showcasing the latest trend of NFC, a much-talked-about technology integrated into smart phones, a new world enabled by smart device.

    Japan’s largest exhibition of security products and services, such as video surveillance, access control and information security systems, that contribute to the “security and safety” of the city and society.
    The special exhibition : Labor, Safety & Health Expo

    Japan’s largest trade show of franchise business featuring franchisers seeking new franchisees as well as various products, equipment and systems for franchise chain stores.

Free Admission : Advanced Online Pre-registration is free of charge. Once you register, you can enter ALL 7 shows.

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