Regional Bank Food Selection

Seriola Dumerili’s Kelp Rolled – Minami Fisheries

Minami fisheries exhibited at the regional bank Food Selection 2016, Kanpachi’s kelp rolled “Mother’s Handmade Sakurajima Roll”. We introduce kelp rolled wrapped in the shape of Sakurajima, sweetly simmering the Kanpachi brought up in natural Ikecho at the foot of Sakurajima with local soy sauce and brown sugar. For more details, visit to (Visited […]

Enzyme fermented seasoning “Shiitake Dashi (Mushroom Soup)” – Maruhara

Marura company exhibited enzyme fermented seasoning “Shiitake Dashi (Mushroom Soup)” at regional bank Food Selection 2016. Introduced “Shiitake Dashi” soy sauce that can be used as a soup of Shiitake, which was made by fermenting only raw shark shiitake mushrooms and salt from Oita prefecture For more details, visit to (Visited 133 times, 1 […]

Higo Vegetable Croquette “Higo no Suke” and Kasuga Vegetable Soup “Kasuga Boubura Soup”

The Limited Liability Company North exhibited Hinosuke “Bejikoro & Kasuga Bowl Soup” at regional bank Food Selection 2016. Introducing croquette using traditional hinoki vegetables and soup. For more details please visit (Visited 81 times, 1 visits today)