World Smart Energy Week

“World Smart Energy Week” is the world’s leading trade show for the Power & Energy industry held two times a year in Tokyo and Osaka. This event showcases products like racking Systems Grid-connected/Stand-alone Inverters Junction Boxes Plugs/Sockets/Connectors Solar Controllers Characteristics Analyzers Various Sensors and Counters Fitting Tools and Accessories Other components related to PV systems etc. in the Power & Energy industry.

World Smart Energy Week is comprised of 9 exhibitions & conference specialized in the following fields:

  • World’s Largest Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Show
    International hydrogen and fuel cell show exhibiting various technologies, components, materials, devices and systems.

  • Japan’s Largest Show for PV Industry
    The latest technologies, materials, manufacturing technologies, and solar cell/module will be exhibited from across the globe.

  • Japan’s Largest Show for PV System Integration
    Various system design, construction, installation, surveillance and maintenance for PV system integration and installation are showcased.

  • World’s Largest Rechargeable Battery Show
    Leading international exhibition showcasing various components, materials, devices and finished rechargeable batteries.

  • Japan’s Largest Smart Grid Show
    Various cutting-edge technologies and products related to smart grid and smart communities will be showcased.

  • Japan’s Largest Wind Energy Show
    Japan and Asia-Pacific’s hub attracting industry leaders, cutting-edge products & technologies from across the globe.

  • Japan’s Largest Show for Electricity Retail Business
    For the full liberalisation of the Japanese electricity retail market starting in 2016, various services and technologies will be showcased.

  • Newly Launched!
    Various kinds of biomass power generation systems, technologies, materials and services are gathering.

  • The long-awaited show finally launched!
    Newly launched show where engineering technologies and components to build, maintain and operate such thermal power plants will be exhibited.
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