Omi Beef – Having 400 years history in Japanese Wagyu

Japanese Black cattle have been bred in the bountiful natural environment of Shiga Prefecture for hundreds of years, and the traditional taste of Omi Beef has been passed down from the Edo Era (1603-1868) to the present time as Japan’s oldest brand of beef.

Omi Beef has a history dating back approximately 400 years, far longer than that of any other wagyu brand. It is said the Omi Beef was presented to the shoguns in 1590, when Japan was unified into one country. Even during the Edo Era (1603-1868), when the consumption of meat was forbidden, miso-marinated beef was sold as the healthcuring agent Henpongan by the Hikone Domain (currently Shiga Prefecture, the birthplace of Omi Beef), and was presented to the Edo Shogunate. In this way, Omi Beef was served to the samurai who unified Japan and thus has an ancient and honorable origin.

Source: Omi Beef

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