Versatile belt type light sorter – Satake Corp. at FOOMA JAPAN 2017

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Satake Corporation Exhibited the “PIKASEN α PLUS” and “BELTUZA XeNO” at FOOMA JAPAN 2017

In the group for optical sorters, Satake demonstrated chute type “PIKASEN α PLUS” and belt type “BELTUZA XeNO”, both equipped with NIR cameras and shape sorting for same color impurities and deformed impurities sort.

In the group for grain conditioning and processing machinery, Satake exhibited a “Compact Flour Milling Unit” that can produce fine particle flour in either dry or wet milling. Also displayed is Satake’s well-established flour milling brand “Henry Simon” Rollermill (Reference exhibit).

In the group for test equipment, Satake demonstrated various equipment such as “GABAlyzer” which measures amount of GABA quickly and easily, and new “Rice Analyzer”.

In the group for cooking and food processing machinery, Satake demonstrates “Pressurized IH Rice Cooking Unit” which cooks rice evenly without deforming kernel, and exhibits “Water-Saving Rice Rinsing Machine” which minimizes damage on rice kernels and amount of water used (Panel display).

In the group for Value Added Products and Home Appliance, Satake exhibited “Rinse-Free GABA Rice” authorized by Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan as a functional food, and demonstrates “GABA Mill”, a home-use rice milling equipment that can produce GABA rice easily.

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