≪ Discover Japan ≫ aims to improve Japan’s liveliness, and so has developed an association to help boost local economy. SUiTO FUKUOKA, as the Kyushu branch of the local branding association, will give seminars and lectures on this subject. We hope to make it a place where cultural exchanges and networking between creators and local entrepreneurs happen.

About Fukuoka
The city of Fukuoka was ranked the 10th “most livable cities” list of the English magazine “Monocle”. Surrounded by nature, compact, and famous for its delicious food, Fukuoka certainly has a lot more things to offer !

Starting from August 8th, “SUiTO FUKUOKA” will have two roles : the first one will be to make foreigners visiting Fukuoka feel the “suito” (love) by offering traditional Japanese experiences starting with the cultural heritage of the Kyushu area. Our second duty will be to make residents able to confidently make recommendations on what they “suito” in their city.
The cute dialect from Hakata is the most liked among all of the Japanese dialects, and this is why we chose to make “suito” our keyword : we want to make both residents and foreigners like Fukuoka the same way they like the dialect.

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