YS America

Polarized Lens

YS America was funded and established in California by Japanese chemical company in 2009. The group annual sales amount in 2008 was about 120 million US dollar.

We provide wide range of eyewear related products from lens monomer to finished lens with strong connection to global chemical industry.

Our corporate office and US sales office is located in Burlingame, California. We have a customer support offices and manufacturing site in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Our US office has especially strong sales function of polarized lens and related products. We offer finished sunglass lens with a wide variety of colors and shapes as well as wide array of coating and polarized films.

We carry inventory of the most popular colors and sizes to support our customers and the ever changing needs of the market.
YS America invests in new product development to help our customers differentiate their products in today’s competitive market place.

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