Undiscovered Tokushima, The Real Tokushima – Full –

Tokushima City is located in the eastern part of Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. There are a total of 138 rivers flowing through this “water city,” including the Yoshinogawa, the largest river in Shikoku. Tokushima is home to one of the most famous summer festivals in Japan, the Awa Odori Dance Festival, which has a history of over 400 years.

Tokushima is also home to Awa Puppet Theater, Tokushima’s traditional performing art that has been designated as a national treasure, Indigo dyeing, which is famously known as “Japan Blue,” the Hyotanjima river cruise, which is a boat tour that takes visitors along the river surrounding the city delta, and Tokushima Ramen, a local specialty. Tokushima is rich with tourist sites that have been nurtured by Tokushima’s unique climate and history. We have put together a video that shows the attractions of Tokushima, the water city, from many different perspectives. Please take a look.

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